Thursday, March 13, 2008

The mall!

Two days in a row! Wow! Bahahah. The first day, I got this really funky Victoria's Secret body spray. It's not my favorite anymore...But I still like it. It just adds to my list of possible mood sprays.

And then todaaaaaay, I got like, four things from bath and body works. They're itty bitty travel things, which always have cool little sales going for them, so yeah. One smells sort of musky, but not too musky, so it's good. The other smells almost exactly like Clinique Happy perfume, which is my all-time favorite perfume on the face of this planet. And then I also got two little bottles of lotion. One is mango lime, and the other is this sort of rosey stuff, I don't know what it's called. But it smells really good. It's good to have lots and lots of perfumes because your moods fluctuate and you can always say, "what scent will I wear today?" I always love getting scent comments. I think it's better to get a scent comment than a clothing or appearance comment, because people can't really lie about it, you know? If you smell like shit, they're gonna let you know. But if you smell good, they're gonna let you know even more...Pleasantly.

Ohhh, and then I went into Borders and got two books! One is a wolf book! Yay! I love wolves. They're my favorite animal and when I talk about them, I'm almost definitely in my element. And then I got another book about a dad who loses his daughter, and yeah, it's a mystery, and I don't usually read mysteries, but it looked pretty good. And then I found this big book. It looks like it could be a scrap book, or a drawing book, or a writing book, or all three at the same time. It had this really pretty design on it, too. And there was also this pretty purple pen that I liked. *teehee.* But anyway...Yeah. So that was definitely the highlight of my day.

Police and inner-city black people.

Okay, now, don't confuse my words with your own stupidity here. I AM NOT REFERRING TO ALL BLACK PEOPLE AND ALL COPS.

I honestly have absolutely no respect for both. They're like in so many ways that it absolutely disgusts me.

Demand respect that they don't earn.
Get pissy over stupid little things.

Demand respect that they don't earn.
Get pissy over stupid little things.

Yet, most cops hate "ghetto kids." And most "ghetto kids" hate cops. What the fuck?
Seriously, it pisses me off to no extent. Black people have given themselves a really, really bad name. Back in the day when they were mistreated for no reason, I can understand and sympathize with. But now, they do drugs and they obviously don't give a fuck about things. I remember when I was in third grade, this girl named Tanisha couldn't read because she screwed around in class. And then I had to go to juvie and this other girl was at the same reading level as a third grader. Isn't that sad? And even now, they're still demanding respect. But they don't earn it, do they? They do all of these things to put themselves down, and everyone looks at them like they're dirt. It's their own fault. Why they do these things to themselves?

No, I'm not talking about every single black person. I've met a lot of really nice black people. Hell, Obama's black and I like him a lot. But I don't like the black people that do that shit to themselves. It's pathetic. So I'm referring to them as "inner-city" black kids because that's where most of them are.

And cops are almost the same way, you know? A lot of cops are complete assholes. Yet, they demand respect from everybody because they're "higher on the food chain," because apparently they have "more authority." That's not right. They have no reason to be assholes to people. Most of them lose their temper. When a cop loses his temper over absolutely nothing, you'd think he should be put into a mental ward, don't you? Then, in the midst of the being brutal towards you, yelling and screaming and calling you names and hitting you and shit, while you're laying on the fucking ground motionless 'cause you hurt so bad that you can't move, they tell you to respect them. It's like, you're submitting to them already, what more do they want? I think that a majority of police do this just for the enjoyment of hurting someone else. That's called MASOCHISM. You can be put away in a rubber room for that, don't you know?

Both of these types of people are pathetic. Demanding respect that they don't deserve. Open your eyes to this.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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I want this bed.